The University of Newcastle held a seminar on Holding Water, organised by Flow Partnership member Paul Quinn, who has recently won the ICE Award for their flagship project in Belford (read about Belford here)

The key speakers at this event were Rajendra Singh from India, Michal Kravcik from Slovakia, Paul Quinn from the UK, Marc Stutter from Scotland, Paul Muto from Natural England and Minni Jain from the UK.

It was very encouraging to see that many of the people attending the conference were at a Local Council and Catchment level and they were already finding ways of introducing these natural catchment measures wherever possible. Paul Quinn has done a great job in using Belford as a working prototype.

The Flow Partnership Team outside Newcastle University.

From left to right: Marc Stutter (JHI, Scotland), Rajendra Singh (TBS, India),  Philip Franses , Minni Jain ,  Richard Widows and Paul Quinn (Newcastle University)