The Flow Partnership, a UK based NGO, works with partners to rejuvenate landscapes and counter the increasing threat of floods, droughts, soil erosion, habitat loss at their source

We provide a crucial link between communities, government, business, scientists and landowners, empowering local communities to implement simple, low-cost landscape measures as part of an informed, holistic, catchment-based strategy.

We empower communities to build Natural Catchment Measures (NCM) (also called Natural Infrastructure) which serve to slow the surface run off, allowing it to filter and store, minimising erosion, recharging aquifers, regulating localised weather patterns and creating wildlife habitat.

This holistic, multi-benefit approach has been proven by our partner organisations in India, Slovakia and the UK, to revive rivers in desert areas and stop the build up of floodwaters before they reach our homes.

The Flow Partnership is building a global network of communities, people and projects  who use holistic approaches to water management to influence real, demonstrable improvements for their communities and landscapes. 

Our partnership works across the spectrum, from Policy and Law, Project Management and Implementation, Finance and Investment, Research and Education.

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