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The significance of water issues on the world stage is on the rise. ‘Water Wars’ are being talked about. Instead of Water Wars, can we change our thinking to Water for PEACE?

 Water Walks are unique opportunities to understand global complexity around water issues which impact ALL of us. Explore the leadership of visionaries in this field – Rajendra Singh (World Water Prize Laureate 2015) and Michal Kravcik (Goldman Environmental Prize Winner 1999) and discover how they are making a positive difference to the health and peace of our planet for future generations. The first walk was held in Aug 2015  in the UK (poster attached)the launch of an ambitious global program of Water Walks and River Pilgrimages which will span the continents  and will be held in water stressed regions of the world .    

The  success of our Water Walks has caught the imagination of communities around the planet and many people are now organising them in their own local regions!

The walks highlight the potential of working and collaborating with local communities to prevent floods and droughts through traditional catchment management methods. They examine first hand, the possibilities of up-scaling of local water catchment measures to other regions of the world. They engage communities in learning to manage their landscapes and water sources.

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Walk themes

  • What is the role of water in fostering World Peace? Can reviving the flow of water in these landscapes reduce the inequalities that face the world and ensure a more peaceful era for the planet?
  • What is the relevance of traditional beliefs and spirituality to the modern world? Do world spiritual traditions and the importance of water in them have a resonance and some teachings for us in this modern age?
  • What is the relation between theoretical science and the cycles of nature and water in particular?  What can we learn from local communities which have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with the environment for millennia?                                          

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