Late 20th Century Folktale

A Documentary by CSE on Tarun Bharat Sangh's work of rain water conservation.

A Texan Tragedy: ample oil, no water-  A Twenty First Century Folktale

In Mertzon and Barnhart in western Texas, the worst drought in two generations is choking the water supply. Water shortages are raising tensions between locals and the fracking industry. Drilling for shale gas uses up to 8m gallons of water each time a well is fracked. Suzanne Goldenberg reports.

Slovakian Regeneration

Michal Kravcik, a hydrologist from Slovakia, succeeded in galvanizing community participation to stop a proposed large dam -- an environmentally destructive project conceived during the Communist era of central planning. Using democratic principles, he presented effective alternatives that included the creation of small dams, decentralization of water management authority and restoration of agricultural lands.